06 September 2012, Thursday

Call to support imprisoned journalists from Özgür Gündem

Chief Editor of Özgür Gündem Newspaper, Eren Keskin, in a statement regarding the hearings of imprisoned journalists made a call to attend the march in support of Kurdish journalists and the hearings to be held on September 10, 2012.

The first hearing of 44 journalists of which 36 of them in prison -detained following a "Union of Kurdistan Communities (KCK)" police operation against Kurdish media institutions on December 20,2011- will be held at Court of İstanbul in Çağlayan on September 10,2012. Chief Editor of Özgür Gündem Newspaper, Eren Keskin in support of journalists on trial made a statement titled "A Call to Friends". The following was recorded in the statement:

"There still are 98 Kurdish journalists, reporters, writers and newspaper employees under arrest in prisons of Turkey. Largest operation against Kurdish journalists in recent years took place on December 20, 2011. 44 journalists were arrested. After 4 days in detention, journalists were referred to prosecutor's office and 35 journalists of Kurdish free press were arrested on claims related to "KCK" on December 24, 2011. Journalists are being held in prisons for the past nine months without hearings and trial sentences. The first hearing will be held at İstanbul Courthouse (Çağlayan) on Monday, September 10, 2012. We will organize a mass press release to call for an end of detention without legal basis and evidence of our journalist friends at Taksim Square on September 8 at 18:30pm. We also will be at the front of the İstanbul Courthouse (Çağlayan) in support and solidarity with prisoned journalists at the start of the hearings on September 10,2012 at 10 o'clock. We will be pleased to see all the friends among us in support and solidarity with the prisoned journalists".