13 September 2012, Thursday

The sculptures will be thrown away to waters for Hasankeyf

A great number of sculptors from different countries support the project which will be the first with its uniquity in the world by participating.

The sculptors who took part in "the first International Stone Statue Symposium of Hasankeyf " which organized by the Platform of Sculptors Without Borders, will throw away the sculptures which they will have made in a month in a reaction to Ilısu Dam.

Another reaction comes from the sculptors to submurging of Hasankeyf by Ilısu Dam. Hasankeyf is one of the oldest steadily inhabited settlements in the world, spanning some ten thousands years. Hasankeyf and its surrounding limestone cliffs are home to thousands of human-made caves, three hundreds medieval monuments and a unique canyon ecosystem; all combining to create a beguilingopen-air system. Hasankeyf is the cradle of civilization.

When the Platform of Sculptors Without Borders goes on their symposium which they started on the first of September, the sculptures, which will be made along symposium, will be unique in the world in this way. 4 of them woman totally 12 sculptors from Armenia, Egypt, Ukranie, Regional Kurdistan, Germany and Turkey took part in the symposium which will go on one month. Everyone in the symposium works independently and themes like migration, assimilation, woman, children and genocide are manipulated in the works. The sculptors who works under broiling heats, are going to go on their activites up to thr end. The works that made will be thrown away in to the Tigris River every year.

However, the city along with the archaeological artifacts still buried beneath Ilısu Dam, is slated to besome a sunken treasure. Even though local authorities, archaeologists, architects, preservationists and environmental groups protest widespreadly, Ilısu Dam is expected to be completed in a year. The reservoir created by the dam will inundate the site's caves and flood most of its structures.