26 November 2010, Friday

Police raided occupied CHP building: 57 workers detained

Some workers occupied the center of the Republican People's Party (CHP) in Mersin, a big industrial city in south of Turkey. The occupation ended with the night operation of police forces. 57 workers have been taken into custody during the operation.

The workers who have been worked in a factory that produces nails and wires have been fired off their jobs for being member of a trade union. The became members of Birlesik Metal-Is, the metalworkers union affiliated with the Confederation of Revolutionary Trade Unions, or DISK. Then, they occupied the CHP building to protest the dismissions. Because, the owner of the factory is the member of CHP.

The workers didn't leave the building because the owner of the factory did not respond to their demands. Provincial chairman of CHP, Yilmaz Sanli came to negotiate with the workers for the last time. Because of obtaining no result at the end of the negotiations, the police forces raided the building at 3:00 a.m. The workers denied to open the door. Thereon, police forces broke down the door of the building. After the intervention, 57 workers have been taken into custody. During the operation, workers shouted slogans saying "We want our jobs back, we want bread."

They are released at early hours of morning after giving their statements.

Secretary of the Mersin Branch of Birlesik Metal-Is, Rassim Gündal said that in spite of all difficulties, they will continue their struggle.