08 October 2010, Friday

BDP arrests in Sanliurfa

24 members of BDP (Peace and Democracy Party) have been taken into custody in Sanliurfa last week as part of the KCK (the Democratic Confederation of Kurdistan) operation. Eight of them have been arrested in 5th October, 2010. İbrahim Ayhan and Adile Fidan, co-chairs of BDP (the Peace and Democracy Party) were among the arrested people.

16 of the arrested people have been released. Arrested ones will be judged for "spreading propaganda for an illegal organization and membership of an illegal organization" and "harming public property".

It is stated that the operation and arrestments have been based on the information of the records of the telephone calls.  Sanliurfa deputy of BDP, İbrahim Binici reacted to the arrestments saying that "They aim to maintain parochialism permanent".

KCK operations that have been held in recent two years have played important roles in the critical conjunctures for the solution of the Kurdish problem.

Labour World