10 September 2012, Monday

A crisis just before beginning in the hearing of the journalists lawsuit

In the trial that Kurdish journalists are put on trial when the court board left the hall, the hearing couldn't begin. The arrested journalists by turning back to the court board, "Free press can not be silenced" shouted slogan.

The trial of 36 of them arrested 44 journalists who taken into custody in the operation against Kurdish press foundations under the name of "KCK" in 20 December 2011, commenced in Istanbul 15. High Criminal Court. The arrested and unarrested journalists, their families, lawyers stood by. In the entrance of trial that lots of lawyers follows, extraordinary measures were taken. The people wanted to enter the hall, by passing between two barriers entered the hall. Moreover, the smallness of the hall aggrieved both journalists and their familys. Co-Chair of Democratic Society Conggress (DTK) Aysel Tuğluk, co-Chair of Peace and Democracy Party(BDP) Gültan Kışanak, Mersin Deputy of Peace and Democracy Party(BDP), BDP Ağrı Deputy Halil Aksoy, Istanbul Deputy Sırrı Süreyya Önder and the deputies of BDP Mülkiye Birtane, Sebahat Tuncel, Hasip Kaplan, Levent Tüzel, also the Chief Editor of daily newspaper Özgür Gündem Hüseyin Aykol, Chief Clerk of daily newspaper Evrensel Fatih Polat, the Institution of Press Term Spokesman Kadri Gürsel, Turkey representative of the Foundation Sınır Tanımayan Gazeteciler( the Journalists who have no limit) Erol Önderoğlu, from International Press Institution Turkey Agent Yurdanur Atadan, Journalists Oktay Ekşi, the Chiefman of IHD(Human Rights Association) Öztürk Türkdoğan, the Chiefman of KESK ( the Confederation of Public Trade Sector) Lami Özgen, the Deputy of CHP( People's Republician Party) İlhan Cihaner, from the Assistants of Chairmen of BDP Meral Danış Beştaş, Filiz Koçali, CHP Istanbul Deputy Melda Onur, TGS Manager Ercan İpekçi, Prof. Dr. Büşra Ersanlı and also from AFP, Belgium, Holland, Germany and European coumtires many journalists came to watching the trial.

When the lawyers remain standing in the hearing, Manager of Court Ali Alçık decided to evacuated the hall. After the protestaions comes from the hall. Both the arrested and the viewers shouted slogans "Free press cannot be silenced". The court board left from the hearing hall. A tension commenced between the policemen and viewers. The arrested journalists were evicted from the hall. The policemen are trying to evict other people. The manager of court sais that when all of the viewers leave from the hall, he will go on the hearing. Viewers are waiting in the hall, the court has not started, yet.

Peache: Becoming 100 journalists in prison is a scandal

The first expalanation in front of the court came from the Chief Editor of Daily News Özgür Gündem Eren Keskin, "Kurdish press with its encountering assaults is becoming the symbol of the freedom of thought in Turkey" said. After Keskin, from the commission of United Nations Law Master and Old Legislator, Journalist Norman Peache who comes here with the aim of giving support made the explanation. Peace said that we are rather worried about developments, drew attention to removing "the seperation of powers". He said that from 2011 to now 100 journalists are under arrest, this is scandal. He, also, said that this assaults threatenevery journalists. Simultaneously, we are here against Turkish Judge that losted its independence. We will observe other KCK operations, as well. Turkish government will not conceal anything" said.

Kışanak: PM Erdoğan writes himself, reads

As to co-Chair of Peace and Democracy Party(BDP) Gültan Kışanak said that called for journalists to take common attitude against Erdoğan's assaults. Kışanak, "It is said that don't see Uludere Massacre, now they said that don't see Afyon Massacre. Certainly, they will say that don't see another things tomorrow. Leave Erdoğan; he writes himself and reads himself" pointed.