23 June 2010, Wednesday

WYWG 2010:

World Young Workers’ Gathering started!

3rd World Young Workers’ Gathering which’s organized by TAREM, DİSK and Türk-İş has begun in Seferihisar, İzmir. The gathering will continue through June, 27th with the participation of young workers coming from whole over the world.

First day of the organization started with a speech given by Mecit Amaç, the general secretary of Tekgıda-İş Union. In his speech Amaç stated that class struggles have globalized hence the importance of multinational workers gatherings increased.

Daily activities began with an explanatory presentation titled “History of Proletariat” by Erkan Aydoğanoğlu, Eğitim-Sen education specialist. Presentation was held in 2 sessions. In the first session Aydoğanoğlu briefly explained the history of class struggles through summarizing the rise and development of the proletariat worldwide and in the subsequent session he told the listeners about the history of Turkish working class.

Afterwards, workers from Netherlands and Brazil shared their struggle experiences through presentations and interactive exercises. Workers had exchange of views on their own experiences.

Later on participants attended to several workshops like Mustafa Kuleli’s News Writing Workshop, Kemal Elitaş’s Photography Workshop and Yasin Kayırtar’s and Harun Topaloğlu’s music workshop.

First day ended with the concert held by Alatav.

Almost 100 young workers from Turkey, Brazil, Egypt, Belarus, Russia, Netherlands and Belgium are participating in the camp. Simultaneous interpreters who are able to speak 4 different languages attended to the presentations and exercises to provide an unproblematic communication.

The website of the gathering is: www.dunyagenciscibulusmasi.org

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